FSAP by Greenworks

Brought to you by Greenworks, FSAP is an industry leading SAP software tool with a fully integrated product library.

The product library revolutionises the SAP process. Carefully collated to include a wide range of technology, this core feature makes material selection and compliance work hand in hand. The functionality has been created to help you bridge the gap between ‘as-designed’ and ‘as-built’.

About FSAP

The Full Standard Assessment Procedure software (FSAP), has been developed to comply with the Energy Performance of Building Regulations (EPBR) 2012, and now through the support of Greenworks, FSAP integrates a product library, available on all Stroma 2012 FSAP software.

As building performance is beginning to dominate the market, higher building standards such as Passivhaus have been created. But, Greenworks knows these concepts can be quite daunting and can result in construction becoming costly. So, if you’re looking to meet current building standards, or achieve a higher standard, the SAP specialists can provide you with knowledge and resources to enable you to achieve a higher level of comfort and performance within your build. Whether you’re looking to increase the acoustic performance, the thermal value, lighting levels or the air quality, the team is there to help.

Compliance is a necessity, but it shouldn’t compromise how you want to build. Greenworks believes the regulations should fit around you and your preferred build, which is why the dedicated team of SAP assessors will be on-hand to assist you, in achieving the build you want, whilst meeting the required regulation compliance.

Main FSAP software features:

  • Access to a library of products
  • The ability to batch lodge multiple dwelling EPC’s
  • Report personalisation to include company logos and other details
  • Inclusion of a U-value calculator
  • One click function to apply an element change to all plots within the system
  • Import/export function for template assessment cloning
  • Real-time report updates should any new data be entered into the DER/TER and DFEE/TFEE

Along with SAP, Acoustic Testing and Air-tightness Testing are also crucial regulatory inspections. So, to make the entire pre and post build process seamless, Greenworks is offering a bundle inclusive of Air Testing, Acoustic Testing, a Predicted Energy Certificate, Design and as-built SAP calculations, U-value calculations, along with SAP design and compliance advice from the Greenworks Tech team. All of which will bring simplicity and efficiency to your building projects.

Acoustic Testing

Air Tightness Testing

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