On-site Project Information and Compliance Support Pack

The On-site Project Information and Compliance Support Pack by GreenWorks, is designed to support you and your sub-contractors onsite to ensure you remain compliant at every stage of the your project. By using the information contained within the document, you will be able to prove the building methods and techniques used during the construction and also show that the as-designed SAP assessment will meet the as-built assessment at the end of the project. Throughout the pack, sign-off inspection sheets are included to help you in achieving compliance.

The pack supports you in gaining sign off from building control and ensures warranty on the build is granted.

Documents within this pack include:

  • FSAP summary report
  • Product listing from FSAP
U-Value Calculations
Associated Registered Construction Designs and associated products (RCD’s)
  • On-site checklist
  • Technical data sheets
  • Air tightness testing support notes and advice
  • Acoustic testing support notes and advice (where applicable)
  • Sign off inspection sheets
  • Value added products
  • Useful contacts

All assessments booked with Greenworks include our On-Site Project Information & Compliance Support pack.

FSAP by Greenworks

Acoustic Testing

Air Tightness Testing

Registered Construction Details