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Building Solutions From Saint-Gobain

As a Saint-Gobain company, Greenworks believes in creating great places to live, by helping to create homes that are healthy, comfortable and that work for you.

Here, at Saint-Gobain we have developed a range of building concepts to help achieve great places to live.

Fabric First Solutions
A Fabric First approach to new builds prioritises improvements to a building’s fabric and services that will not only increase the energy performance of that home over its lifetime, but more importantly, will provide a home that is more comfortable to live in, improving people’s daily life.

Fabric First Solutions by Saint-Gobain demonstrates how trusted Saint-Gobain branded products can be combined to create the entire building envelope. Taking this holistic approach not only ensures thermal regulation compliance, but also will help to deliver a comfortable living environment.

Closer To Comfort
Introduced as part of Saint-Gobain’s New Housing Solutions guide, Closer to Comfort shows how ‘Fabric First Solutions’ can be slightly adjusted with high-performing, innovative products from the Saint-Gobain portfolio. These improvements in the areas of thermal, audio, visual, indoor air and economic comfort will improve the health and wellbeing of home owners and tenants.

This solution is ideal for those wanting to go beyond regulations but may not be in a position to achieve Multi-Comfort building status, and offers an opportunity for building designers, owners and users to incorporate innovation and improved comfort as a retrofit or first fit option.

Greenworks can help to support these new housing solutions through its extensive distribution network and links with manufacturers, all supported by training and support services including its FSAP service.

Saint-Gobain has introduced a holistic approach to building and design that prioritises user comfort and wellbeing.

Using the concept of ‘multiple comforts’ and taking a broader, more holistic view of what makes a building ‘work’ is well understood by many developers, but without a usable standard it can be difficult to design and build.

This is why Saint-Gobain has launched the Multi-Comfort concept, which sets tangible, measurable standards for building.

This pioneering approach defines five primary comforts: thermal comfort, visual comfort, audio comfort, indoor air comfort and economic comfort, with standards for each. These surpass existing building regulations, incorporating the energy efficiency and thermal comfort standards set by Passivhaus and introducing new standards in audio, indoor-air and visual comfort to give the building user the ultimate experience of comfort.

Greenworks can help those looking to achieve this level of sustainable and comfortable building by supporting with training and exposure to innovative solutions through our manufacturing partners and Saint-Gobain Building Distribution network.

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